Brett and Lara

Brett and Lara

Final Details

Ceremony: 5:00pm - 100 Cherry Hill St, Kalamazoo MI

Reception to follow, next door at Kalamazoo Latvian Association 

Shuttle from Radisson: Depart at 4:00pm and 4:30pm.

Return shuttles start at 8:45 and go every ~30 mins until end of night.

11am Sunday - Latvian Atkazas - 100 Cherry Hill St, Kalamazoo, MI.

The Engagement Story

Our Engagement Day started early in the morning when Brett asked Lara to review a website he was building for “work”.  The link he sent to her to review was this very website, that included our favorite pictures (now below) and the following letter.  She was slightly confused as to why a work website would be called, but quickly realized this was not a website for work.  Upon reading the letter, Lara rushed downstairs to Brett down on one knee, surrounded by rose petals.  After about 500 “OH MY GODS”, Lara of course said yes!”


We can’t wait to celebrate with all of our closest family and friends on February 16th, 2019.  Cheers and see you all soon!


The Redfox...


I think I owe the biggest of thanks to your friends for pushing you to text me a few weeks earlier, but I still have no idea how I convinced you to meet me for drinks that cold may night. Since that day, my love for you has grown exponentially. No matter where we go (and we have been many places), I know I want you by my side.

Very early on, at Grace and Kaldis' wedding, Steve jokingly asked me when you and I would be getting married and I jokingly brushed it off having it only been a few months since we started dating. Looking back at that wedding, that was the moment I knew it was no longer "if" we are getting married, but "when".

This was confirmed when just 2 months later, and 5 months after we had started dating, the only solution to your housing problem that felt right was having you move in with me. I wouldn't change that moment for the world. Living together (with housemates even!) has brought us closer then even.

I love everything about you.  I love the way we can spend a weekend at a party or a weekend at home without missing a beat. I love how motivated you are, caring you are and how open you are to everything. Whether its calling me out on something when I need it, or just being there to listen after a long day, there is no one I would rather go through life with.

Even after losing my lunch at the first dinner with your parents, through the ups and downs of having a puppy, the stress of our jobs, the massive work load that comes from graduate school, our house together and staying active with friends and groups, we have grown closer though it all. You make me a better person, and for that I cannot say thank you enough.

Your friends and family have accepted me not only into their group but their culture. The examples your parents set are something we can only strive for as we move from dog-parents to actual parents. Your friends greeted me with open arms (and open alcohol bottles) to the point that your true home of Portage / Garezers has become a second home to me.

I realized recently that I didn't have a single reason as to why there wasn't a ring on your finger yet. We have crossed international borders together, traveled around the country more then I ever have before, been to concerts, comedy performances and even Redwings games (though I might have forced you on that one). We have been there for countless friends as they tie the knot, saying things like "When we get married...". Well, we can't really get married without a ring...


If you made it this far without coming to find me, now might be a good time 🙂


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